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As an industry leader in the areas we serve, we've developed a statewide network which enables us to offer to buy your vehicle at the highest price possible, plus these benefits:

  • Free quote, solid offer.
  • Easy steps to follow, hassle-free selling processing. No ad posting, no games with dealership sales.
  • Quick transaction, you get your cash fast. We pay you on the spot.
  • Safe and private contact, no strangers coming to your house.
  • Industry top-notch customer services, satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Serve all major metropolitan areas, including DFW, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston.
Selling your car is as easy as step 1-2-3

Step - Fill out online free-quote

Step - Receive an offer from us in 24 hours

Step - We come pick up the car and pay you on site


We are committed

We have been in the automobile industry for the past 25 years and served thousands of customers in Texas. We understand what your needs are and your frustrations when selling your cars. We are committed to offer you our services for your complete satisfaction, easy and fast.

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No problem. Average American adults change their car every 5 years. So why not register with us, we will periodically send you our quote so that you are guaranted to get the most cash when you decide to change your car.

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Tips for selling your car
  • Undertand the state of the title
  • Remove all personal items
  • Clean your car inside and out
  • Ensure up-to-date registration and inspection
  • Invest more money in the vehicle
  • Disclose defects
  • Undertand the value of your vehicle

Market estimate of your car
Tips to retain your car's value
  • Buy popular vehicles
  • Choose popular body colours and body styles
  • Choose a good brand
  • Choose your car options carefully

How to survive high gas price
  • Keep your engine properly tuned
  • Keep tires properly inflated
  • Use the recommended grade of motor oil
  • Regularly replace air filter

Why do Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds usually evaluate a vehicle higher than its real market value?
Edmunds and KBB are not directly in the auto buying and selling business. They are in many cases sponsored by various auto dealerships and manufactures. Thus its vehicle evaluations are usually higher than their fair values.